In some publications it is stated that there were 7 or 8 Fokker D.VII’s in Bulgaria just before the end of the war. All but one were seized bij the IACC. This last one, registered as B-BIXP,¬†was used by the air branch of the police and customs, the ‘Otdelenie’ as a two-seater. The second cockpit however was a decoy to make the Fokker look like a trainer.

In 1926 this D.VII was used to intercept a Yugoslav intruder, but never used it twin machine guns: the intruding Breguet XVI managed to flee.


Bulgarian Fokker D.VII ‘B-BIXP’ (Picture from: http://history.rodenkrai.com/new/bylgarska_aviaciq/90_godini_ot_nioiskiq_diktat_-_ii_chast.html)