The Fokker D.VII in Austro-Hungary

In 1918 there were contacts between Fokker and the Austro-Hungarian Luftfahrttruppe regarding the D.VII. It was to be build by the MAG, Magyar Általános Gépgyár (Hungarian General Machine Factory), which received the V.22 prototype as a pattern aircraft. It was ordered from MAG, the Oestereichische-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik and Fokker. Six engineless airframes were send by Fokker in 1918, and a number were build by MAG. The engines installed where Austro-Daimler engines of 225hp, and the machineguns were from the Schwarzlose type. Also, a different, more angular, type radiator was used. Production for the Austro-Hungarians during the war did not materialize, and D.VII’s have not been used by them.


Hungarian D.VII ’93-0?’









After the war, the D.VII’s were used by the Hungarian Red Army, and it is  believed that MAG build 50 D.VII’s, some as two-seaters.


Two-seat Fokker D.VII ‘H 08’ (source:


In 1924, four D.VII’s were on the civil register: H-MFOA to H-MFOD (later HA-FOA to HA-FOD).


A number of unidentified Hungarian D.VII’s