The Fokker D.VII in Belgium

Belgium received a number of D.VII’s as payment for war damages. The total number is not known, but probably it were 75 planes. The D.VII’s retained the German lozenge colours. Some were transferred to Belgium, and some stayed in Germany with the Belgian army of occupation. In the mid-twenties, the D.VII’s were used for training purposes at Wevelgem, and were painted olive-green. They were whitdrawn in the 1930’s.


Former German D.VII ‘7584/18’ with Belgian military markings (source:

Besides military D.VII’s, there also have been 10 civilian ones. The first civilian aeroplane in Belgium was a D.VII, the ‘6162/18’, which was given the Belgian civil registration ‘O-BEBE’.


The first aircraft on the Belgium cilvil register, the ‘O-BEBE’ with the ‘O-BILL’