The Fokker D.VII in Denmark

After World War I, two D.VII’s were bought by the Dansk Luftrederi. At least one of them was bought from Hermann Goering.


One of the Fokker D.VII’s from the Dansk Luftrederi (picture: archive H. Vossers)

In 1922 both were sold to the Flyverkorpset, the Danish Air Force. Only one was made flyable, the other one probably used as a source of spares. The flyable D.VII was given the registration F-1. It was used as an unarmed trainer.



Danish Fokker D.VII ‘F-1’ in flight. (picture: archive H. Vossers)

During the Copenhagen Flying Meeting in september 1927, the D.VII crashed. The pilot, lieutenant Erlind, survived the accident, but died a year later of injuries from the accident.


Description of the accident with the Fokker D.VII (here wrongly named D.VIII) from the Flight issue of 8 september 1927(source: