The Fokker D.VII in Finland

From september 1919 until january 1924, the Finnish Air Force used three D.VII’s for training purposes. They were bought secretely in Germany, and were built by O.A.W.


Finnish Fokker D.VII ‘1D.357’ with lozenge fabric and German serial ‘8545/18′(source: Central-Finland Aviation Museum)

First they retained their lozenge colours, and the German cross was made into a Finnish swastika, the national marking on military planes. From these three, one crashed in january 1920, and one in february 1920. The last was taken out of service in january 1924. Besides on wheels, they were also operated on ski’s.


Finnish D.VII ‘1D.357’ on ski’s (source: Central-Finland Aviation Museum)



Profile of this Fokker D.VII by Kristjan Runarsson.
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