The Fokker D.VII in Poland

In january 1919, ten Fokker D.VII’s were captured by the Poles on the former German airfield Lawica near Poznan. They were put into service by the Polish Air Force. In august 1920, another 20 were bought from the OAW factory, and in the end of 1920, 20 were bought from the French government.


Sgt. A. Bartkomisk in Polish D.VII
(picture: Tomasz Kopanski collection)

These D.VII’s were used by 13 and 15 squadron during the Polish-Bolshevik war, and a number crash landed or where damaged by ground fire. Some were also equipped with bomb racks (see picture).


Polish D.VII ‘502/18’
(picture:Tomasz Kopanski Collection)

After the war, the D.VII’s remained in service with 13 and 15 squadron until 1921. After that, they were used by 1, 2 and 4 squadron of the Air Force school at Deblin, until the end of 1926.


‘22.03’ and ‘504/18’ at Ostròw Wielkopolski airfield, 15 squadron, 1921.
(picture:Tomasz Kopanski Collection)

Profiles of Polish Fokker D.VII’s by Kristjan Runarsson.
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