The Fokker D.VII in the USA

The United States where very interested in the Fokker D.VII, and they shipped 142 examples as war booty to the USA. There they were used by the Army Air Service, mainly as a fighter-trainer.


Fokker D.VII ‘AS 7729’

Some were sent to the Engineering Division at McCook Field, where they received a ‘P’ registration.


Fokker D.VII ‘7776/18’ at McCook with registration ‘P-108’.

To the Packard engine company a number of D.VII’s were loaned (and some were given to them). In these D.VII’s a number of Packard engines were built and tested. The Hall-Scott engine company received a D.VII from Fokker for testing purposes.


A Fokker D.VII with a Packard engine

Twelve D.VII’s were transferred to the Navy Marine Corps, but only six have been used. They were registered A5843 to A5848. They were retained as trainers at Quantico, Virginia until 1924.


Fokker D.VII from the Navy Marine Corps (source: Mike West from

Also, a number were used by civilians.