Hell’s Angels

1930 v WWI- B.Lyon; Howard Hughes made this epic about 2 Americans who join the RFC. Made with up to 87 biplanes and 80 pilots (including Roscoe Turner), although some reports say no more than about 40 aircraft at one time. Types included 5 Thomas-Morse Scouts S4.C (as ‘Camels’), 3+ SE.5, Sikorsky S-29 (‘Gotha’), this crashed killing a stuntman) 8 Fokker D.VII, 2 Jennies (‘Avro 504’) Snipes?, Camels? DH.4. Many Travelair 2000/4000’s (‘Fokker’) Many crashes both planned and accidental, 3 of them were fatal. DH.4, Travelair camera plane. Models. Filmed at several 1920’s Los Angeles Fields- Caddo (Van Nuys), Inglewood, Chatsworth, Riverside, Encino, Santa Cruz, Glendale and Oakland in the San Francisco area.

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