Men with wings

USAAC- Ray Milland (future USAAF Flight instructor); Story of two rival fliers from 1903 to 1938. Original colour (a first for aviation movies). Made with Buhl Pup, 3+ DH.4’s 2 Garland Lincoln LF-1’s(Nieuport replica), Boeing 247’s (‘bombers’), Boeing P-12’s. Nieuport 28C.1, SPAD VII. Also a Whitehead replica, 1910 Curtiss pusher replica, 6 Travelair (‘Fokker’s’), Fokker D.VII (burnt!), Mantz Stearman C-3, 2 Boeing 100’s, NA.50 and several Jennies. Camera planes were the Mantz Stearman C-3 and Lockheed Sirus. Apparently it was filmed around Van Nuys, California. Directed by ex-WWI SPAD pilot William Wellman.

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